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(Learn the old fashioned way, and at your own pace..)


I have 3 years experience doing navigation in the US NAVY, and have owned my own sailboat for two years

Well was finally able to sell my 25' coranado and will start the planning and process of saving money.From what i figure, the next step in my sailing evolution will be to purchase a 38'-40' sailboat with a center cockpit. This will be accomplished by going in with a few buddies or to become a "live abord".
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Mike Schilling began his love for the ocean back in the late 80's. Starting with his visiting of surf spots in high school, then later getting PADI qualified and continuing his ocean excursions. After completing his tour with the military, Mike decited a slower and relaxed pace was in his future. Buying a sailboat became first priority and would be the best tool to accomplish exciting ocean adventures
Learn to sail or fish, and join us for a 3-hour coastal sail or a romantic sunset- twilight sail and just have some fun with Mike and friends.

Also offering Fishing, diving charters

(must be 21 years of age)

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